Mayor's Office

Photo of Kevin Heeke
Kevin Heeke

City Council

Meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm.
Photo of Gayla Kirmer
Gayla Kirmer
Council Member
Photo of Jim Halling
Jim Halling
Council Member
Photo of Kevin Rabe
Kevin Rabe
Council Member
Photo of RJ Meyer
RJ Meyer
Council Member
Photo of Scott Werner
Scott Werner
Council Member

City Employees

Photo of Tammy Konrade
Tammy Konrade
City Clerk
Photo of Rakel Halling
Rakel Halling
Clerk Assistant
Photo of AJ Horton
AJ Horton
Utility Superintendent
Photo of Steve Strain
Steve Strain
Police Chief
Photo of Dusty Crockett
Dusty Crockett
Utilities Assistant
Photo of Gordon Willard
Gordon Willard
Reserve Police Officer

Economic Development