Future of Spearville

Spearville Wind Farm

On Friday, June 16, 2006, the new Kansas City Power & Light Spearville Wind Energy Facility was dedicated.  A ceremony was held at the site of the 67 huge wind towers to be erected north of Spearville.

The $160 million dollar, 100.5-megawatt wind farm, the third in Kansas, was to produce enough electricity to power 33,000 homes.

Mike Chesser, chairman of the KCP&L board, said in a letter sent to persons invited to the ceremony luncheon, “We are extremely excited about this initial investment in renewable energy……”and we are pleased to be working with enXco, one of the country’s leading wind developers, on this project.”  Chesser also called the Spearville Wind Farm “an important part of KCP&L’s Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP).”  He said the CEP “will provide affordable, reliable energy for years to come and maintain the Kansas City Region’s ability to retain and create jobs through continued economic growth.”

According to an article in the Dodge City Daily Globe on May 29, 2006, the Kansas City, Mo. utility company had considered eight other sites, but local farmer Kermit Froetschner garnered almost unanimous support for the idea of a wind farm in Spearville’s backyard.  Mr. Froetschner was honored by members of the Spearville School Board and was presented a plaque on June 16, congratulating him for his work on this great project.

Today the windfarm has expanded to 99 turbines that produce 148.5 megawatts producing enough electrical energy to supply 48,761 homes. The windfarm annually provides $519,000 to Ford County and $244,000 to our local school district.

Business Development

Spearville has always been a town with an entrepreneurial spirit with many successful businesses and business people having their roots here. Here are a few of the many businesses started here:

Here are a few of the businesses outside of our fine town, started by those who have called Spearville “home”:

Many of our hometown “kids” move back home after college or military. We are excited to see who our next successful business creator will be.